Thursday, 14 May 2009

Beauty’s More Than Skin Deep

Nowadays it is belived that a beautiful face and a sexy body is everything in a person, but have you ever thought about what is deeper??

Juliana Wetmore can help us to understand what happen and change when we grow up different.

A five years old, Juliana has been through 30 operations on her face and body, becuase she has Treacher Collins syndrome is a seriusly disability.Juliana was born with one sealed eyelid, a complete lack of cheekbones, no nasal passage and almost no upper and lower jawbone.

She is a fighter who has had to learn to eat and breathe through tubes, but is none the less intelligent and keen to learn.

The documentary is about her most rencently operations and how the family and relatives help her. It is also about who is she really and that she isn't different from the other kids.

Her most rencently operation is to place a stretching device in Juliana’s shoulder which her mother will then inject with water to create a larger area of skin, which can then be used to create cheeks.

However Juliana is growing up and her parents have to decide the best for her if she life without more operations or if they continue, becuase for her every single operation is a pain and obviusly they don't wnat to see her daughter suffering.

Fortunaly she is begining her school carreer and her teachers are helping her to learn how to read and be with another kinds.

The classmates said that she was an amazing, intelligent and lovely girl. They treat her like one more of them. She is learning everything like a kindergarden's kids. She knows the numbers and how to add and to sing aswell.

This story impress me because I learned that people with disability can do it!

Why we not????

It made me happy!!!!!!


  1. I think it's wonderful that Juliana has a full life, and is loved so much by her family and friends at kindergarten. Watching documentaries like this can really open your eyes to the difficulties people have to overcome in their daily lives. These programmes make you feel a lot of admiration and respect for people like Juliana.

  2. This is an inspiring story Alejandra!

  3. I agree with you,that people see beauty from outside, forgeting about personality and level of inteligence. These kind of programs makes you understannd how lucky we are to live the life which we have.

  4. AAA !!! I don't have time to read it but some day I will ;))

    But I can see that this is sad story and I really feel bad about it.

  5. This is an interesting story. It sereves as an inspiration to many children whose suffering from disablities.