Thursday, 28 May 2009


Jaime Grazon

In Colombia 10 years ago lived a very famous journalist that had a very good sense of humour,who showed in that way the political situation of my country. He was born in Bogota-Colombia in October 24 1960 and he was murdered in Agust 13 1999 in Bogota which is a very questionable death,bacuase he wasn't a bad guy.

His work was on the TV, therefore he created his own TV show "Zoociedad" (Zoociety) in the 1980s which contained humor about materialistic society and politics. He worked in an other TV show called "¡Quac! El Noticero" until 1997,which treated about the way that the politics and the rich people in Colombia behoviour in these days.

He has a very nice skills for being a hero for me and for many others colombian people, because he had a very good sense of humor and in this way he can show the people the truth of the things. In these days were alot of secrets around the gorverment, for example that they were paying to the Guerrilla for protection or that they paid big amouts of money for members of the goverment which was unfair because some people didn't have nothing,for example food, home or education.

He was an amazing guy, therefore he created instantly recognizable fictional characters, for example "Heriberto de la Calle", who was a shoe polisher. He interviewed many differents famous people including politicians. An othe one was "Dioselina" it showed how the worker class think about politics and the way that the reacted.

Nowadays he is a very famous man, he was murdered for saying the truth! Sounds sad, but people like these we need in these world. They show thier ideas in a different way, he used the humor! What are you going to use? or to do????

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  1. Everyone of us have someone to talk about how this person makes as think that this is a hero and your choice is a good choice as well :)