Wednesday, 29 April 2009

HoLiDaYs CoNtINuE....

Go because it ll be nice to know these places.... and now I know some information about them.!

However I was in Amsterdam as well and it was really good!! I didin like the smell of the city but it was ok! Anyway I was in good places... and this city all people are turist I didnt even so a Dutch's people!!!!!!!!... But it was nice...

Ok peopple I hope do u like my holidays... I had a Good time what about urs ???

Seeee uu



  1. It sounds like you had really nice holidays. Are you going to visit another city / country in Europe soon? While you was in Amsterdam have you tried to smoke this what is legal there but illegal here?? ;) A nice blog...

  2. It must have been very interesting to travel around Europe during your holiday. It's funny that you didn't even see any Dutch people in Amsterdam - that's what often happens in tourist traps. I remember when I visited Florence in Italy I only saw Americans!