Thursday, 23 April 2009


Hellooooooooooo classmates!!!!:))

How were your holidays?

I ll tell somenthing about mines....;-)
Actually, I had a nice holidays... I was 5 days out of London knwoing new countries! I was in Brussels and then in Amsterdam... They are amazing cities!! but which I liked the most was Amsterdam because it is a crazy,interesting and lovely city... It is no only drugs it has culture alot of food but it is expensive and AMAZING people who can help you in everything..

I wasnt alone, I went with my friends, the only problem was that I was the only girl of the group that was a little uncomfortable for them and for me as well can you believe it?? jajaja, however I had a lot of fun and now I can tell the people that I know another part of the unbelieveble Europe!

Brussels in my opinion wasn't sooo good because it only has like one interesing museum... I was in the Mini- Europe it was reallyyyyy good I knew things from other countries that I didnt know and now I want to...



  1. that's sounds very nice!!!!!! Aleja!!!! i know those towns are awesome!!! You are lucky,but i thought Amsterdam is the city of drugs,...... did you smoke??????

  2. I wish I could be there with you!!!! NExt time you need to take me with you hehe ;) You have great holiday !! :*